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    A portal manager performs administrative tasks for all user accounts that belong to a supplier code. He is responsible for user administration and can approve the use of applications. There can be several portal managers per supplier code.

    The tasks as a portal manager

    • User management:
      • Confirm creation of new user accounts
      • Delete user accounts that are no longer needed
      • Reset second factor (MFA)
    • Approve application requests
    • Assign applications

    Portal-Manager FAQs:

    How can I get Portal Manager rights ?In the Course of RegistrationBy ApplicationBy AppointmentIn the Course of RegistrationBy ApplicationBy AppointmentIn the Course of RegistrationBy ApplicationBy AppointmentIn the Course of RegistrationBy ApplicationBy Appointment

    In the Course of Registration

    When registering for the Supplier Portal, a Portal Manager is named. Usually, it is the person who carries out the registration.

    By Application

    Another way to become a Portal Manager is to apply for this role. Simply click on your profile and then click "Apply as Portal Manager". Your Portal Manager can then approve this application.

    By Appointment

    As Portal Manager, you can also appoint a user as another Portal Manager. To do this, click on your profile and open the  "Portal Manager Tool" (GEMS). The tool will open in a new tab. You can search for and select a user in the "Users" tab.


    How does a Portal Manager manage users ?

    Portal Managers can use the Portal Manager tool, also called GEMS to approve, change roles or add users.

    Where do I find the Portal Manager tool (GEMS)?

    Just click on the human-icon and then on "Portal Manager Tool (GEMS)".

    Can multiple Supplier Codes be managed by ONE User-ID?

    No. Please do not assign more than one supplier code to one User-ID!

    Since our applications do not support this and may lead to error messages.

    Therefore, please note: ONE User-ID = ONE Supplier Code

    We check whether this function (so-called MLA, Multi-Location-Authorization) can be implemented in the future.

    Where can I find the Portal Manager terms of use, which have to be accepted by Portal Managers?

    You will have to accept the Portal Manager terms of use as soon you login with Portal-Manager rights.

    You can access and print these Terms of Use again later in the Portal Manager Tool (GEMS).

    If you do not wish to agree to the Terms of Use, you can continue to use the Portal as a regular user without Portal Manager rights.

    How do I reset the second factor?

    If one of your users has difficulty opening an application that is classified as "confidential" (e.g. user gets an error message during two-factor authentication), you can reset the user's second factor in the Portal Manager Tool (GEMS). Open the corresponding user and in the section "Password management" click the button "Reset second factor".

    Portal-Manager Manuals


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    GEMS-How to Assign APPLICATION Roles to Users.pdf

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