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    Daimler AG is digitizing its internal procurement processes and is developing a new procurement system called proQ. This process is expected to take until 2021. The old procurement system environment, with applications such as GLOBUS and eDocs, will be gradually phased out. This is a reaction to the future requirements of procurement. The implementation of the new procurement system is based on the principle of agility: New system functionalities are developed in quick succession and improvements to existing functionalities are made and rolled out

    And you as our business partner will be connected to the new procurement system and benefit from it. For example, duplicate entries are reduced, processes digitized and data exchange improved. 

    There are currently three eDocs tiles for aiding the electronic data exchange with you. For you as a supplier, this means that you will not, as until now, find all the purchasing documents in a single application, but rather obtain them from several eDocs apps:

    • eDocs – for contracts with price structure (e.g. orders, final agreements etc.) and without price structure (e.g. confidentiality agreements, master agreements, etc.) from the GLOBUS procurement system to be phased out
    • eDocs proCure – for contracts with price structure (e.g. orders, final agreements, etc.) from the new procurement system proQ and simple price inquiries in the future
    • eDocs proFrame – for contracts without price structure (e.g. multi-year supply contracts, FOSS, confidentiality agreements, etc.) from the new procurement system proQ and complex price inquiries in the future

    If you have any further questions, please contact us at
    Your "New Procurement System" Team

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